※202 Street is the entire public now. You can see the data without having to join.



[ About Register ]

- Nickname

Please use your nickname instead of real name and Coupling name(ex. zikyung)


Don't use emoticons. Please write in 10 characters in length when using the English or write in 7 characters in length when using the Korean.



- 자기소개서(Self-introduction)

Please create two lines or more, including the registration route((how did you come to our website). example, talk about P.O or our homepage :) but please use korean only.



Please send to this E-mail(pyojihoonkr@gmail.com) with your ID, nickname, Self-instroduction. I will answer along with randomly password and how to change the password.

こちらのメール(pyojihoonkr@gmail.com)にID、ニックネーム、自己紹介書を書いて送ってください。 任意のパスワードと一緒に、パスワードを変わる方法を返事します。



- About using homepage

Please use only korean in our homepage.(using honorific)


you can't talk about rumor(about blockb), Coupling, other website.



- About homepage data

All data can be moved anywhere along with the source. (photo - 6 sheets of one per post in the homepage)


Don't edit, logo crop. and Commercial use(making Sticker, Goods) too. Don't make zip file.


You can't reupload video data of POPSICLE in the other website.




contact: twitter @pyojihoon_kr